Our Services

Services offered by Apata Insights

Research Management

We provide an across-board range of research management services in Uganda and on the African Continent.

We harness our knowledge of the research landscape on the continent to guide clients on hiring most competent field research teams, navigating Institution Review Board approvals, questionnaire design and translation, household listing, and field data collection and supervision.

Impact Evaluations

As an impact organisation or social business, you want to know the extent of impact your intervention is having.

Apata Insights, using its diverse set of skills and experience will lead your quest. We provide support at all stages of evaluation – evaluation design, field operations, and post field analysis and reporting.

Market Research

Launching a new product, entering new markets, finding new market channels and all major strategic decisions can be

daunting when without the right information. Apata Insights supports start-ups and growing businesses to utilise existing (in-house) data and outside industrial data with evidence based insights to guide the critical business decisions.  

Academic Partnerships

We continuously look to grow in emerging skills, technologies and methods. That is why we actively seek to expand on our

partnerships with the academia both in Uganda and internationally. For international academics (including PhD students) intending to work in Uganda, Apata Insights provides a home to work with along the whole research process. For local researchers, we provide tailor-made short courses and mentoring opportunities in preparation for graduate studies in Uganda and abroad. We also seek to connect more closely with Ugandan Institutions and together build vibrant research culture, linking teaching and applied research.

Advisory Services

We know that many organisations need unique data-oriented services that are fit for purpose. Through our advisory services,

we provide client-centred services, walking with clients on individual questions and needs to advance data-driven strategic decisions.