Research for Evidence Based Decisions

Apata Insights is a business and development research firm that works to bridge access to timely, quality and innovative information for strategic decision making across businesses, governments and development sectors in Africa and the developing world.

harnessing emerging technologies,
innovations and rigorous methods

We are harnessing emerging technologies, innovations and rigorous research methods  to provide businesses, non-profits and governments with the right data and tools to solve the world’s biggest problems.


To be the leading business and development insights provider on the African continent.


To provide high quality research services and insights to academic institutions, governments,

development organisations and businesses through research management and analysis services, market research, business intelligence and customized advisory services.


Agility – We are responsive to the client and market dynamics to give the client the best value.

Integrity – We are authentic and consistent Purpose – Our will is driven by a desire to leave a positive impact in every undertaking Innovative – We constantly update our tools and methods to keep ahead of industry standards.

Our Work

We work with diverse sectors, projects and partners to answer exciting questions that lead to actionable insights.

Data   |  Ideas  |  Impact


We help clients to turn their own data and existing industry data into research products and actionable insights for advocacy, marketing and strategic decision making.


We walk alongside clients to bring clarity to innovative ideas through design thinking methods using actionable insights.


Using rigorous methods, we work with governments, development organisations and businesses to measure and demonstrate impact of interventions.

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